Les lauréats du concours de photos 100% chèvre - Capr'Inov 2020

A photo contest for cheese and goat meat products

When setting up this 100% digital edition of Cap’Inov, the Capr’Inov team had to come up with an idea for the traditional cheese and goat meat competition.


This year, producers competed in a photography competition. They could compete in three categories:

  • 1 – The most beautiful cheese and/or goat meat plate
  • 2 – The most beautiful production with his products
  • 3 – The favorite of the jury

For each of them, the producers have competed with originality to offer us high quality photos. Thank you all!


Winners :

  • 1 –  La Fromagerie La Chevrette de Blandine (26)
  • 2 –  La Ferme de Cabriole (31)
  • 3 – Quesos y besos (Espagne)
  • The favorite of the jury La liberté de la Fromagerie La Chevrette de Blandine (26)